We keep ships healthy


Our History

With 40 years of experience in the ship repair and shipbuilding industry, El Greco Naval started in 2014 by Greek entrepreneur Mr. Nikos Detsis as a modern ship structure repairs and maintenance company in Greece’s biggest port: Piraeus.

With an investment of new metalwork machinery, personnel and factory, the aim was to cover the needs of the merchant and naval ship operators in the area of East Mediterranean.

Ever since, the family of El Greco has grown. The company is now one of the main ship repairs contractors in Piraeus. Our portfolio of services includes the repairs of ship collision, grounding, fire restoration as well as the construction of ship superstructures, among others.


One of our mottos is: “for the ship”

We strive to provide diverse and versatile services. Indicatively, only in the last 3 years, we have repaired a ship grounding of 65+ meters long and restored entire ship decks after fire damage.

We are proud that we have completed more than 5.000 different ship metal structure repair and construction projects of all kinds.

The backbone of our services is our personnel. We have employed more than 300 technicians and engineers over the last few years.


To be pioneers and contribute to the development of the Greek ship repairs and shipbuilding industry.


We strive to make ships healthy following high ship repair and shipbuilding standards.


The overall safety of our employees and our projects in total is the backbone of our operations. We are focusing on the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment.
The nature of our work is based on speed, especially in the case of a sudden ship repair. Working 24/7, all year around, we deliver on customer’s time the ship repair or shipbuilding project.
Constant development is a total term for our company. Our everyday growth is what defines the safe and timely project delivery. This creates new, more efficient tactics for increasing productivity and quality.
One of our core values is reliability. It guides both the personal and the professional relations. This is what leads the rest three values of safety, speed and development.

Our branding

Our name is inspired by Dominikos Theotokopoulos: one of the most important Greek painters and sculptors.
He lived in 16th century and he is an artist synonymous with the European Renaissance and Expressionism. He is widely known as “El Greco”
(The Greek)

By his example, our company is constantly working in order to represent the Greek and European shipbuilding industry, like Dominikos does nowadays.

A modern heir of 2500+ years of Greek shipbuilding history.

Our logo

Our sign is using the blue and white of the Greek flag, suggesting the roots and company’s base of operations.

The orange-red color suggests our commitment to safety as it is one of the most prominent workers’ safety colors.

The arrow in orange represents the ship, operational speed and the constant aspiration to look forward.